Our Commitment to Seniors and Their Families

We are dedicated to helping families have more time with their loved ones by alleviating the stress through compassionate solutions when a senior transitions into long-term care. We empower families to more effectively turn equity into care for their loved ones. As a trusted resource for families during this tender process, we increase the quality of life for seniors and allow them to age with dignity. For the senior, the traditional real estate experience is broken and doesn't meet the family's need to sell the house without having to invest time, money and effort to make the house retail-ready. Eliminating the make-ready process reduces a significant amount of stress and cost for the family; removing the need to hire contractors, get bids, manage the rehab, and find the money to pay for it. The cost and complexity of realtor commissions and timelines, with associated closing costs, are additional financial and emotional stress points. More importantly, they extend the time frame to get their loved ones the care they need now and keep them safe. Reducing the risk of falls, improving medication management, and adding intellectual stimulation all help to extend loved ones' lives and happiness. Making the decision to move mom or dad to senior living is emotional enough, but when you add the downsizing, renovations, showings and selling the family home it can easily become overwhelming. How long will it take to sell? Who will clean everything out? Do we have money to invest in updates? Are they safe until they can move? The result is often a delayed move-in or worse, the decision to wait altogether. It doesn't have to be this way. The team at PorchLight helps the process move forward by focusing on solutions so that they can focus on their family, and get them the care that they deserve. 

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We are passionate about seniors and their families and committed to finding the best solutions for their needs


We can eliminate the stress involved in selling a home by reducing costs and time to get equity for needed care



We utilize our resources to quickly find ways to remove, store or transition your things


We Turn Your House Into Care … With Compassion, Not Commission

Think of us as trusted advisors that help support families and seniors through their transition into long term care. Our value lies in making the home sale and transition process quick and efficient; while at the same time being respectful and compassionate during this challenging time for families.

Real estate agents do not buy houses, we do. There are no real estate agents involved in our process which means no renovating, no staging, no showings, and more importantly no realtor fees. In fact, there are no fees for our service at all, for the family or your community!

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Here at PorchLight Home Solutions, we focus on seniors and their families, providing a seamless home selling process to Utah homeowners. Please contact us today to see how we can best help you and your family transition a loved one to long-term care.

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